This specialty is PADI’s most popular specialty course. Scuba diving with enriched air (nitrox) gives you more no decompression dive time, which means more time underwater, especially on repetitive scuba dives.

Although there is plenty to see above 60 feet/18 meters, most divers want to explore the deeper parts of the ocean after they feel comfortable with the scuba experience. There’s a sense of mystique and adventure to deep diving! The only way to fully experience the breathtaking view of a deep wall is by being deep and looking up to see the sun radiating above the wall.

This specialty course finds it roots in cave diving, is one of PADI’s newest courses and is gaining popularity fast! 

The Tec 40 Diver course is the first step into decompression diving. This means diving outside of conventional non-stop diving limits. This programs teaches you how to properly set up and use a technical diving rig, appropriate for this type of diving. During your training you will eventually learn to safely conduct limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40m/130ft.

COMBO! Nitrox & Deep 4 Dives

Combine two of PADI’s most popular specialties and further push your limits with this fantastic deal. These specialties are the most popular because they are the most applicable! All around the world there are deep walls and gorgeous wrecks with EANx allowing us to explore them for longer!


PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver 2 Dives

Divers who have mastered the highest performance levels in buoyancy stand apart. You’ve seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, use less air, and hover almost instinctively. They interact gently with aquatic life and don’t disturb their surroundings. YOU could be that kind of diver! This course will help you master buoyancy so that you can enjoy your diving experiences with much less effort. 


PADI Drift Diver 2 Divcs

This course shows you how to enjoy rivers and strong ocean currents by “going with the flow,” staying with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat, and knowing where you are the whole time. Drift Diving is nearly effortless, since you simply glide along and enjoy the rush of flying underwater while the current does the work.


PADI Digital Underwater Photography 2 dives

This PADI specialty is an introduction to capturing underwater photos and videos.  Underwater photography and videography is one of the most popular specialties.  It is the best way to keep the memories alive after your dives. You will get going quickly with today’s modern digital equipment, through our professional Videographer!

  • review rating 5  great place to stay. great people, friendly staff good food and very clean

    thumb Linda Aarts
  • review rating 5  Jättemysigt ho(s)tel med trevlig personal och bra utflykter. Gemytligt kvällshäng med bar och bra sittplatser runt poolen. Dessutom två biljardbord och vedeldad pizzaugn. Härlig stämning. Rekommenderas verkligen!

    thumb Petter Vedin
  • review rating 5  Highly recommend. Friendly staff and an absolute gem of a place to stay ��

    thumb Johan Zolkefli
  • review rating 5  Great place to stay, also for our 3 years old daughter. We slept perfectly in the luxury private room and the atmosphere was nice. It was never too loud and especially the diving was perfect. Thanks Nico, for showing us all the beauty of komodo. Things I would never even thought it would live. The diving was one of the best we have ever done. My wife, ne and our daughter alone on that big boat was very special and the entertainment our daughter during our dives was amazing. Thanks a lot for this great experience. Definitely would come back soon.

    thumb Quasi Kasi
  • review rating 5  une belle journée avec une bonne équipe très pro mais aussi très cool et fun. 3 plongées magnifiques merci à vous et surtout pour ceux qui hésitent sur un club à komodo foncez chez Dragon dive komodo à bientôt et bonnes bulles

    thumb Alexis Barré
  • review rating 5  Lieu super convivial, personnel et moniteurs adorables et très pro . Les plongées à la journée sont très bien organisées en toute sécurité . Très bon spot pour plonger sur les Komodos !

    thumb Anne-Laure Fouquet
  • review rating 5  Que du bon ! Spécial mention pour Manu...

    thumb Ileou Lefou
  • review rating 5  A place with atmosphere. Lovely grounds where to chill, sitting on a sofa on a deck around the pool. Live music every other day. We took the "luxury" aircon bedroom for two, : was fine for us a couple who needs their creature comfort. Excellent diviing in Komodo NP, sometimes current challenging. Manu, Max, NIcolas, capt'n Yusuf and the dive team were happy to arrange with all my dive requests (I'm a picky photographer). The speedboat ride only takes 30 minutes to get to any dive site,: with an early departure I was back fr 3 dives at 2/30 PM, All the advantages for liveaboard diving without the inconveniences. (fish market excellent seafood closeby) We'll be back for sure ! Thanks DDK.

    thumb Ludovic Galko-Rundgren
  • review rating 5  Great crew. Thanks for an sensational experience under water. Your safety standards are awesome and so was the diving with you. The hostel is very clean and the design is finished with beautiful detaiIs. I enjoyed my stay with you very much. Special thx to the beautiful Indonesian staff who offered great customer service. Well done to to everyone involved in putting together a place to enjoy. All the best

    thumb Heikea Anfang
  • review rating 5  One of the best hostels we've been to. Super super clean!!! Brand new. The location is perfect. Enough showers and toilets so you never have to wait. Very chill atmosphere and the staff is really nice! We even had a live band by the pool on one of the nights we were here. The wifi was a little slow but just go to the pool instead, it's incredible and you will have way more fun!!!

    thumb Joséphine Gander

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