Daily scuba diving trips
to Komodo Islands

Discover and dive World-class dive sites in Komodo with experienced guides .

Shiryu Bateau traditionnel
Daily Dive trip in Komodo: 2 Dives Central

Seya is for our very good divers and is an advanced only boat. We can hit all best dive sites before the crowd. When you start diving you are alone on the dive site !

This 2 dives are generally around Siaba and Manta Point
Seya holds a maximum of 8 Divers.
Gear Rental, Breakfast are including.
Departure around 7.15 and usually back by 14.00.

With Smaug we reach the North of Komodo to dive the three most famous scuba dive sites : Cauldron, Crystal Rock & Castle Rock.

These dives sites are for experienced divers who like current and big game.
Gear rental & breakfast are included.

Smaug is  perfect boat for doing entry level courses such as DSD & Open water dives.



Departure is around 7.15 and you will return around 17.00.




On Shiryu you will spend the day scuba diving  in Central or North Komodo. This trip contains either 3 dives or 2 dives & a visit to Rinca to meet the famous Dragons.

It is mostly designed for scuba diving courses or alternatively for fun divers wanting to explore our oceans.

Generally we visit beautiful and easy dive sites with mild currents allowing us to explore the corals reefs with an abundance of sharks, manta rays & green turtles. You will get your breakfast and lunch on board with drinks available (tea/coffee/water) .

Departure is around 7.00 and will return around  17.00.




Diving Season

You can go scuba diving in Komodo all year round because every month of the year promises top quality scuba diving experiences in Komodo National Park.

April – November

This period is considered dry season, where the weather is the best.

In our opinion, April, May & June are the best months for scuba diving in Komodo National Park.
The water is cooler (average 20 to 25°C) in the South of the National Park and warmer and clearer in the north (average 25 to 28°C). Visibility can reach 30+ metres.

July and August, have cooler oceans temperature, however, they are more nutrient-rich which reduces visibility but as a result brags of blooming marine life and massive schools of manta!

November – March

This is rainy season with showers lasting up to 2 hours, normally in the evening/night.

Komodo National Park is perfect for all certified divers. This includes PADI Open Water certification or equivalent. All types of divers are welcome. We offer all scuba diving courses from PADI Open Water to Divemaster & Instructor Development Courses (IDC).

If you need any PADI specialties such as Nitrox, Deep, Photo & Sidemount, please contact us.


Group leader & organisation

For each dive, there is a ratio of 4/5 divers per instructor.

  • Full set of rental equipment (BCD, long 3 or 5 mm wetsuit, mask, fins, regulator, tanks, weights and weight belt)
  • Experience dive guides
  • Daily cooked lunch 
  • A light breakfast of doughnuts and bananas
  • Fresh water, tea and coffee
  • Emergency O² and first aid kit on board
  • The National Park fee and a local government retribution, which totals 275,000 IDR per person per day between Monday and Saturday, rising to 350,000 IDR per person per day on Sunday and Public Holidays.
  • Dive/Medical Insurance*
  • Accommodation


 Discover with daily diving!

We believe to have the best staff, with decades of experience teaching and guiding divers of every level underwater from PADI to CMAS certification all around the world. Your safety at Dragon Dive Komodo is our priority. We guarantee your first-class, secure, and memorable scuba diving holiday in Komodo.

Our main mission is to be ‘fun but safety first’. With amazing staff on site, brand new and well maintained equipment, and a dedicated computer for each scuba diver.

“Safety is no accident”, this is why we limit our groups to a maximum of 4/5 guests (2 buddy pairs) per certified guide.


Traveller Testimonies

    review rating 5  great place to stay. great people, friendly staff good food and very clean

    thumb Linda Aarts

    review rating 5  absolutely a fantastic experience and wise choice to do IDC with them !!! 🙂

    thumb Albert Zhang

    review rating 5  une belle journée avec une bonne équipe très pro mais aussi très cool et fun. 3 plongées magnifiques merci à vous et surtout pour ceux qui hésitent sur un club à komodo foncez chez Dragon dive komodo à bientôt et bonnes bulles

    thumb Alexis Barré

    review rating 5  Lieu super convivial, personnel et moniteurs adorables et très pro . Les plongées à la journée sont très bien organisées en toute sécurité . Très bon spot pour plonger sur les Komodos !

    thumb Anne-Laure Fouquet

    review rating 5  One of the best hostels we've been to. Super super clean!!! Brand new. The location is perfect. Enough showers and toilets so you never have to wait. Very chill atmosphere and the staff is really nice! We even had a live band by the pool on one of the nights we were here. The wifi was a little slow but just go to the pool instead, it's incredible and you will have way more fun!!!

    thumb Joséphine Gander

    review rating 5  The best instructor ever, thx for all Patrick

    thumb Aleksi Godimus

    review rating 5  PM sent

    thumb Guido Belsito

    review rating 5  With the best team you will learn to be a Padi Dive Master. It's also where i did my DMT.☺

    thumb Castel Manu

    review rating 5  Great crew. Thanks for an sensational experience under water. Your safety standards are awesome and so was the diving with you. The hostel is very clean and the design is finished with beautiful detaiIs. I enjoyed my stay with you very much. Special thx to the beautiful Indonesian staff who offered great customer service. Well done to to everyone involved in putting together a place to enjoy. All the best

    thumb Heikea Anfang

    review rating 4  Un centre francophone qui vous accueille sur l'îlot de Gili Trawangan (le long de la côte nord-ouest de Lombok), avec des moniteurs à l'aise en de nombreuses langues quoiqu'il en soit. Gentillesse de l'accueil, attention portée aux plongeurs, matériel adéquat et en bon état, si les eaux de Trawangan sont très fréquentées par les plongeurs (évitez la période juillet-août si possible) vous y admirerez les tortues marines à coup sûr en agréable compagnie. Le centre est en train de s'agrandir, le confort sera accentué et l'espace augmenté dès le mois de mai 2015. Je recommande ce centre à tous ceux qui ont envie d'expérimenter la plongée dans les eaux de Lombok !

    thumb Marie-Ange Ostré

    review rating 5  Jättemysigt ho(s)tel med trevlig personal och bra utflykter. Gemytligt kvällshäng med bar och bra sittplatser runt poolen. Dessutom två biljardbord och vedeldad pizzaugn. Härlig stämning. Rekommenderas verkligen!

    thumb Petter Vedin

    review rating 5  Établissement récent, tenu par trois français super sympas. Performant autant sur le plan hôtelier que sur le domaine de la plongée sous marine. Leurs instructeurs m'ont fait découvrir l'univers sous-marin magique des komodos. Je recommande aux backpackers et aux plongeurs de monde entier. Le prix de la bière est un poil cher, mais le restaurant fait de superbes pizza au feu de bois. J'y reviendrai pour sur!

    thumb Colin Hafen

    review rating 5  Highly recommend. Friendly staff and an absolute gem of a place to stay ��

    thumb Johan Zolkefli

    review rating 5  A place with atmosphere. Lovely grounds where to chill, sitting on a sofa on a deck around the pool. Live music every other day. We took the "luxury" aircon bedroom for two, : was fine for us a couple who needs their creature comfort. Excellent diviing in Komodo NP, sometimes current challenging. Manu, Max, NIcolas, capt'n Yusuf and the dive team were happy to arrange with all my dive requests (I'm a picky photographer). The speedboat ride only takes 30 minutes to get to any dive site,: with an early departure I was back fr 3 dives at 2/30 PM, All the advantages for liveaboard diving without the inconveniences. (fish market excellent seafood closeby) We'll be back for sure ! Thanks DDK.

    thumb Ludovic Galko-Rundgren

    review rating 5  One of the best hostels we've been to. Super super clean!!! Brand new. The location is perfect. Enough showers and toilets so you never have to wait. Very chill atmosphere and the staff is really nice! We even had a live band by the pool on one of the nights we were here. The wifi was a little slow but just go to the pool instead, it's incredible and you will have way more fun!!!

    thumb Joséphine Gander

    review rating 5  Que du bon ! Spécial mention pour Manu...

    thumb Ileou Lefou

    review rating 5  Great place to stay, also for our 3 years old daughter. We slept perfectly in the luxury private room and the atmosphere was nice. It was never too loud and especially the diving was perfect. Thanks Nico, for showing us all the beauty of komodo. Things I would never even thought it would live. The diving was one of the best we have ever done. My wife, ne and our daughter alone on that big boat was very special and the entertainment our daughter during our dives was amazing. Thanks a lot for this great experience. Definitely would come back soon.

    thumb Quasi Kasi

    review rating 5  Genial solo me gustaria saber en q pais queda oara ir a visitarlos d chile sud america

    thumb Matute Macana

    review rating 5  Pas de mystère quand ça dure c'est que c'est, bon!!!!!!!

    thumb Mai Ray

    review rating 5  best course director !!! thank you very much patrick for your experience and your knowledge Ton plongeur français hahaha

    thumb Thomas Marchand

Komodo Dive Sites

Manta point
Most wanted dive sites from customers! This dive is the main location in Komodo to find manta rays – often as many as 10 or 20.

Batu Bolong – Hollow Rock
It is a summit / pinnacle that descends to 75 meters, between Tatawa and the east of the main island of Komodo to the west of it. Located north of Komodo, this dive site is a real fish festival.

Tetawa besar
Tatawa Besar (“Big Tatawa”), some 30 km east of Komodo’s. Turtles seem to be everywhere and watch out for the blacktip reef sharks, giant trevallies, barracudas. Manta rays also seen occasionally.

Siera Besar – The macro paradise
Located near the dive site Manta Point, this dive site is an excellent spot for the macro dive. It is even probably the best that can be found in Komodo with its flamboyant, fish pegasus, frogfish and hornet ghospipe fish, stingray and stargazers.

3 sisters – The macro paradise
Located near Pulau Padar Island, this dive site has a magnificent topography including three pinnacles from 5 m to 40 m with a very gentle current. You will find benches of mobulas, white and black tips sharks and benches of blue surgeon.

Castle Rock, Komodo
One of the top sites in the Komodo National Park. Schools of fish as far as you can see. Giant and big eye trevallies hunt in big numbers, grey and white tip reef sharks in between. Also a spot where dolphins appear regularly!

Tetawa kecil
It’s best to dive the west coast of this island to explore its vibrant shallow coral gardens full of anthias. Its caves and boulders are perfect harbors for larger groupers.

GPS point
Submerged reef with often strong currents, which attracts a good number of fish such as schools of jacks, rainbow runners and thousands of anthias. Grey and white tip reef sharks patrol the deeper part of this magnificent reef.

Pink Beach
It is located just in front of the old dragon feeding station in the eastern part of Komodo Island, directly across the bay from Komodo Village. Thousands of fish of every color and shape are here including yellow damsels, regal angelfish, checkerboard wrasse, masked unicorn fish and schooling reef fish such as striped fusiliers and Frogfish also hang around the wall, blending in colorfully with their host sponge and surrounds.

Torpedo Alley – The macro

Near Cannibal Rock dive sites, this dive site is an excellent spot for macro diving. Black sand and reef patches are a perfect habitat for ghost pipefishes, frogfishes, nudibranchs and a huge variety of crustaceans and octopus.

Banta Wall, Komodo
Wall located on the north side of Gili Banta. it’s full of beautiful gorgonian fans and hard corals, lot of fish life in all varieties along the wall. Often Manta rays can be seen around.

Cannibal rock, Komodo
Named by famous Divemaster Larry Smith, this is a must to dive if we plan to dive around Rinca. Beautiful corals all around this submerged reef with plenty of cute nudibranchs, frogfish and pigmy seahorses. Also offers proper fish action, as this reef sits in the middle of a channel where plankton are present.

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