6 Best Things in Dragon Dive Komodo

6 Best Things in Dragon Dive Komodo

As you may guess, most of the guests visit because of the diving facilities and instructors, however Flores has several things to supply.   You just would like some patience to urge to the places, several roads area unit still wild. for example, with our scooter...

Batu Bolong, Komodo

It is a pinnacle that lies in 75 meters of water between Tatawa to the east and Komodo main island to the west. It is one of northern Komodo’s signature dive sites as the fish life here is always a full-on festival.

Castle Rock, komodo

One of the top sites in the Komodo National Park. Schools of fish as far as you can see. Giant and big eye trevallies hunt in big numbers, grey and white tip reef sharks in between. Also a spot where dolphins appear regularly!

Siaba Kecil, komodo

Site in drift dive on how long does it take for levitra to work 20 m or turtles and sharks will be present as well as barracuda and giant trevali …

Mawan, komodo

Non-drift scuba diving site which is the second best one for the Manta with a depth of 25m maximum.

Langkoi Rock, komodo

The most extreme spot in the entire Komodo National Park, which consists of a submerged coral potato where sharks are ! (Strong currents)